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Blimey, I've been so out of the fandom since 11th and Moffat took over.  Love Matt, can't stand the stories.  It's not been until very recently that I've been even struck by the idea of writing Who again.  Is there anyone out there from 4 years ago and the 10/Rose, 9/Rose days?  I'm slightly fed up of being told I'm wrong for shiping Doc/Rose even though it's a secret love of mine haha!

Feeling's Mutual

The Time Travellers Wife

Oh yes, is anyone else planning on seeing this film?  I'm going to... just because it hit me as a Doctor/Rose kinda thing.  Sorta what could've happened, or I could just be being silly.  I've never read the book, but I hope to get it before I see it, I'm a super fast reader and I wont be able to se it for a couple of weeks thanks to work and home life.  But hey, a book is a great way to unwind, hopefully the film wont be a bad adaptation like the Harry Potter films... (Helps that I don't remember a single one of the books :P) 


Also, I am sort of amazed at some of the fans on youtube.  Some people seem to take apart episodes looking for glimpses of certain characters.  It happened with Rose in The Fires of Pompeii and The Doctor's Daughter.  But seriously, it seems to be just going too far now.  I love Rose and the Doctor, do not get me wrong, I love them to pieces, but come on guys...  stop picking apart trailers.  I suppose I'm just as bad for watching and getting worked up about it.  I wouldn't deny people their chance to think they've seen something, especially if it's a Doctor/Rose moment, but... please.  Stop trying to see things that just don't seem to be there.

I wont post links as they are spoiler-y, I know some people that wouldn't shake a stick at a trailer, let alone watch one for fear of spoiling the new episodes.  But if you want to know what I'm talking about, I'll send you the link.

Sorry for the mini-rant.  It just really grated today :S

New Story: Acceptance

Yes, I have started a new story.  I know I shouldn't, but this hit me rather forcefully between the eyes and wouldn't even let me look at Scoring.  So, I gave in and started typing this away.  I just figure that life in the Alt!Universe won't be as happy and fluffy as I've convinced myself it should lol. 

Title: Acceptance
Author: IAmADalek
Chapter: 1 of ??
Characters/Pairing: 10.5/Rose, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Torchwood
Genre: Romance, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, drama, smut (eventually)
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Swearing, some smut but later on in the story.
Summary: When Rose finds herself in trouble, the Doctor will have to step up or lose her forever...
Author Notes: It isn't a 'happily-ever-after' story, but I don't think that Rose and 10.5 would ever have had that. It's just not likely in Doctor Who :P *glares at S1, S2 and S4 finale's*

If people like, I will continue. Just thought it would be a different view of the Alt!Universe.

Please review! All comments welcome! :)



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Scoring - Chapter 13 of 15

Title: Party Games
Author: IAmADalek
Chapter Number: 13 of 15
Characters/Pairings: 9/Rose, Jack, Jackie, Mickey, Pete
Genre: Romance, fluff, angst, drama, smut
Rating: Adult
Warnings: 9 and Rose do what they do best.  The last part of this chapter is readable if you're not into luvvin.  I'd say the last 4 chapters are friendly :)
Summary: The Doctor and Rose always manage to get into trouble. This time, there's no escape.
Author Notes: Yep, only two chapters after this...  hope you enjoy it.  There will be a sequel I'm afraid, very short, but it needs to be done.  Hope you will join me for Results :)

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Scoring - Painting Clouds

 So yes, I'm going to start posting Scoring here. I'm going to start from where my computer started to be uncooperative.

If you would like to read Competition (the story before Scoring) here is the link:

And here is the rest of Scoring:

Both stories contain adult material, so please excersize caution if that's not your cuppa tea. But, if it is, I hope you enjoy! :D

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Blasted Vista!

Eugh, what a rubbish system...  here's me trying to write some more to Scoring on Word and what pops up "Sorry, your trial has expired, please spend £100 on buying the whole packaged, thank you." ARGH!  I'm paid peanuts and what I do get paid never gets into my bank account, so I'm 'Wordless' for a while now...  I can't stand Notepad or Wordpad, but I think that's what I'm going to have to use until I can afford to get Word back :(

On a side note, during this time of torture, I will start posting Scoring here...  you don't really need to have read Competition to understand it, but if you'd like that uploaded first, then I will happily...  just let me know! :D

Competition & Scoring

I will be starting to post Scoring sometime next week hopefully.  I thought I'd give people a heads up that I'd probably be posting Scoring here as well.  I'm hoping to get more active on LJ and hopefully that means my muse will come back because she doesn't want to be very friendly.  Anyways, I thought I'd post a little bit of a spoiler for Scoring.  It wont matter much if you haven't read Competition, because everything is explained pretty much.  But here's a little present for all those that have been so patient and supportive throughout Competition.  As the count stands, it's got 102 reviews, the most reviews I've ever had.  So thank you to all of you! :D

Scoring will have everything that Competition had.  Smut, fluff, angst...  everything.  But a little more angst just because of what I have planned.  Some parts you may need tissues, other, you may want to hunt down the Doctor.  But I promise there will be a happy ending. :D

Scoring: Chapter 1 Preview

The Doctor nodded and followed his mate to the doors. Jack close behind them. Rose took hold of the Doctor’s hand and they walked out. Into a field. Rose looked up at the Doctor and scowled at him.

 “Erm... this isn’t London,” Jack, “if it is, it’s not the 21st century.”

 “And if it’s anywhere near Henry the VIII,” Rose growled, “You’re dead meat. Didn’t you hear them trying to break through the doors on the TARDIS?”

 “I thought I’d kept you busy enough not to hear that?” the Doctor muttered. Rose blushed slightly and looked away.

 “So,” she said after a short pause, “where and when are we?” the Doctor looked at his watch and smiled. He took hold of Rose’s hand and looked to Jack.

“No idea,” he chuckled, “let’s go find out.”


The Doctor was running as fast as he could, pulling Rose behind him. Jack was hot on their heels, a huge grin over his face and a rather smug look in his eyes. The TARDIS door slammed shut behind them and Rose and Jack started laughing happily.

 “What are you laughing about?” the Doctor asked, “We nearly got killed!”

 “Ah yes, but, why was it that we nearly got killed, Doc?” Jack laughed, “because you two couldn’t help yourself and you used a wall of a temple for the most unholy of acts. Hence the pointy sticks.” The trio burst into fresh bursts of laughter which only ceased when bright white light broke through the TARDIS. The only thing the Doctor could see was Rose being taken away from him.

Sep. 18th, 2008

This was just an idea that hit me between the eyes after watching an episode of The Tudors.  It started out as being 10, but ended up as 9. 

Chapter 1
The Doctor stood impatiently at the console. He tugged his leather jacket and tapped his foot on the floor. His little human companion was taking her time with dressing. He’d said an hour, but it was now nearing two. Ok, he had a time machine, but he needed to enforce some rules on a certain Miss Tyler. Especially if his were diminishing. He’d helped her with some parts of her dressing, namely the corset. He’d been so close to snapping that he left soon after. But this was getting ridiculous. It didn’t take this long to dress for an audience with King Henry and Anne. The Doctor heard footsteps and found he was wanting and waiting to see what Rose had finally decided on. 
“Don’t laugh!” she called before walking into view.  Read more...Collapse )She was wearing a light blue, patterned gown. The corset beneath flattened her and pushed her breasts up, making them peek over the top of the low square-necked dress. The bodice had a white triangle middle section, which was lined with gold and came to a point at the skirt. The sleeves were long and came down to her wrists making her arms look thin and elegant. The shoulders were padded and ruffled. The seams were covered once again by gold. The skirt was extended, the blue of the gown split again to reveal a white underskirt. The hem of the blue gown was once more lined with gold cloth and the long dress covered her feet. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun and her make up was light and more natural.
“Wow,” the Doctor said softly. He studied her for a moment before he noticed she was blushing and looked away, his ears going slightly red too.
“The right type of thing, yeah?” Rose asked.
“Yeah, perfect,” the Doctor said, distracted once more by her beauty, “beautiful… you have a habit of picking out dresses that make me lose my words.” Rose blushed a little harder and coughed slightly.  The Doctor went a little more red and turned back to the console.  Oh you stupid, stupid man, he thought angrily.
“Aren’t you going to change?” she asked, “and if you say that you’ve changed your jumper, you’re a liar. You haven’t. I’ve taken all that time and you couldn’t be bothered to get into breeches or what ever!”
“I hope you’re going to talk properly when we meet the king,” the Doctor grumbled, “you’d soon lose your head.” Rose giggled slightly and headed for the doors. The Doctor joined her and took hold of her hand.
“Welcome to a new world, Rose Tyler,” he grinned and walked out into Tudor England.
Henry looked to his wife happily. Catherine could wither away now and not many would care. He had Anne and Jane. Not that it would stop him from looking. But he was the King. Nothing would be able to stop him. Henry was also sure that Anne was pregnant. If not in the early days, but surely she had to be. She was looking so beautiful tonight, dancing and laughing. Henry stood and made his way to his wife. He took hold of her hand, stopping her from dancing and smiled at her. Anne smiled and started to dance with her husband.
“Anne,” Henry said quietly, “you look splendid.”
“As do you, your majesty,” Anne replied. Suddenly Henry was leaving her and walked to the musicians. He whispered into Mark Smeaton’s ears and then returned to Anne, his face grinning at her. The music started and Anne realised that he’d requested the Volt. The small crowd of people faded away and made a small circular area for the king and his wife to dance. After the dance ended, they started to make their way out of the hall and headed for the stairs. But Henry was caught when the doorman called out two names that Henry did not recognise.
“Introducing, Sir John and Lady Rose of Powell,” the young man called. A tall man with large ears strode through the crowd. Hanging on his arm was a young blonde. Henry watched and walked back to the center of the hall. The man bowed his head and the young girl curtseyed. Henry looked over his shoulder and saw Anne glaring.
“Sir John, I do not recognise you,” the King said as music started, “neither have I heard of your wife. I’m sure I’d recognise you, Lady Rose.” Rose blushed and looked to the Doctor.
“Your Majesty, you knighted me just a few years ago,” the Doctor said quickly, “for my services to the crown and my undying loyalty during battle. I only wed Lady Rose recently.” Henry turned to Anne and held his hand out for his wife. She floated over and smiled at the newcomers.
“Sir John, Lady Rose, may I introduce my wife,” Henry smiled proudly, “the Queen of England, Anne Boleyn.” Again Rose curtseyed and the Doctor bowed his head.
“Queen Anne,” Henry continued, “would you please show Lady Rose our kitchen, she looks famished.”
“Thank you, your majesty,” Rose said gently, “our journey was a long one and my husband insisted on continuing. We were afraid that we’d be too late.”
“Never too late for such loyal members of my kingdom,” Henry grinned. Anne pursed her lips and then looked to Rose.
“Come, Lady Rose. We have the finest cooks in all of England,” she chuckled, leading Rose away. Henry stood to the Doctor’s side, watching the blonde and his wife disappear.
“How old is Lady Rose, Sir John?” the King asked quietly.
“Just 19,” the Doctor answered.
“You crafty devil,” Henry chuckled, “keeping such a young pretty girl from the crown. How long did you say you’ve been married?”
“Just a year since,” the Doctor smiled, “she’s a good wife.” He was laughing in his head for talking about Rose like this. Oh how he wished she were his wife sometimes, to be allowed to touch and kiss her how he liked. Not just watch her flirt with her silly pretty boys from afar.  But he could never do that.  Rose was worth so much more, deserved so much better than a jaded old man.
“And no children?” Henry asked, his eyes watching the blonde in blue.
“Sadly no,” the Doctor answered, “Lady Rose fell ill and we decided to wait. No children for your Majesty and Queen Anne?  Other than Princess Elizabeth, of course.”
“Possibly,” Henry smirked, “probably. I do love her so.” The Doctor caught the innuendo and chuckled slightly. Another man that Henry announced was Anne’s brother George joined them. Anne and Rose returned soon after and Rose was looking a little less annoyed with the Doctor and the edge of her hunger taken away.
“Ah, Lady Rose,” Henry said happily, “I take it you enjoyed sampling our food?”
“Your Majesty, it was wonderful,” Rose smiled, “I fear I shall miss the skill of your cooks.”
“Do you not feed her right, Sir John?” George Boleyn chuckled.
“Oh he does, sir,” Rose said quickly, “everyday. But I fear we do not eat venison as much as we ought to.”
“But, Lady Rose,” the Doctor said with a smirk, “I do not wish to spoil you. Venison is a delicacy and should be treated as such. I would not want you thinking that you could rule the world just because you’ve eaten a little too much deer.” The men chuckled and Rose smiled softly at the Doctor.
“Lady Rose,” the King said suddenly, “would you care to dance.” Rose grinned and nearly laughed with the sheer weirdness of it all. She took the kings hand and followed him out to the dance floor.  Wishing it was the man in leather.